The time I lived in USA marked my life for the better or worse: mainly for good experiences but also only on the worse side. However, we are here to celebrate 4th of July which was my favorite holiday.  We enjoyed barbecues with friends and fireworks were my preferred moment of the day. But what was more important apart from the gatherings was what we were celebrating: America became the land of the oppotunities and freadom after fighting at a high cost for their independence.

For the gatherings, I always wore an Americana outfit that day although today in Spain it sounds meaningless. This post is to thank my American friends for sharing wonderful moments as well as to thank and greet my American readers their support and affection. And also to refresh the idea that we have to pursue our dreams and happiness sometimes through fighting our own independence.

I wish you a HAPPY 4th of JULY and I hope you will share wonderful gatherings with friends and family. 


Please let me know how do you celebrate 4th of July? What do you wear on your national day? As usual love and peace.  

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El tiempo que viví en Estados Unidos marco mi vida para bien y para mal: fundamentalmente tuve maravillosas experiencias pero también alguna de las más tremendas. Sin embargo, aquí estamos para lo bueno y dentro de esta parcela recuerdo con mucho cariño las celebraciones del 4 de julio con amigos al aire libre compartiendo una barbacoa y por la noche los fuegos artificiales, que eran lo que más me gustaba. En esas fechas siempre llevé atuendos combinado rojo azul y blanco pero aquí en España eso ya no tiene mucho sentido.


Este post lo hago para desear momentos entrañables a mis amigos estadounidenses así como para agradecer a mis lectores americanos su cariño y apoyo. ¡Feliz 4 DE JULIO!  A mis lectores del resto del mundo también les deseo un feliz día y agradezco su apoyo constante. Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.



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  1. Genie Geer says:

    Very sweet post! This 4th I was very sad. Couple reasons: missing my mom, who died in June, 1999. But mainly because of our president (I refuse to capitalize the “p” for him), who did not democratically win the presidency, and who is a source of shame for many of us. Sadder still, is the fact that he still has supporters, which scares me to death. Our Founding Fathers would have seen him for the immoral con artist he and his family are!
    So, moving on, I find solace in art-making, fashion, and connecting with good people via the world wide web.


    1. I am really sorry to hear you were sad on the 4th of July. I also miss my mum everyday. About Politics and how Presindents are elected I just can say that in Spain lots of people complain about the government but after two elections in one year the same government is ruling. This is a wicked game as well as laughing stock all over the world. And please, keep on painting and making the wonderful dolls. Connecting with you is my pleasure.

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