A freezing wave  is about to reach Spain and everybody is getting ready to combat this freezing weather. So we need to pick up again  our scarfs and gloves…. And sometimes we do not know much about how to measure for glove size.

Gloves are practical to have this time of the year  as they keep the hands warmer when it gets colder. But also they are a fashion statement.


Season to season fashion brands match  bussiness clothes  with stylish gloves and  it is common to round outfits by using gloves.

It is amazing how can looks can change and be upgraded by simply adding a pair of gloves. I love how something practical and utilitarian could make an statement.

To choose your perfect pair of gloves I include some suggestions:

  • If you like neutral colored gloves, pick ones with texture or other details like ribbons or pleats.

  •  If you want gloves with bright colors, don’t match the gloves with your entire outfit or scarf. Pick a shade to complement it.

Guante de Conducir Rojo
Guantes de Piel Verde

  • Shiny gloves  are only to be worn during evening parties.
  • Obviously keep  mittens and gauntlets (gloves that only have two sides one for the thumbs and other for the other fingers) for casual outfits

Mitón de Piel MarinoGuante de Conducir Topos Amarillo

  • If you do have to wear gloves for evleening parties, you only have two color choices – black or white – so that it doesn’t clash with your dress.


On the other hand, there are some rules of etiquette when wearing gloves:

  • Remember to take off your gloves when have to eat.  You also have to take them off when you’re dancing with your partner
  • Watches and rings are all worn under the gloves, not over it. Bracelets are okay to wear over gloves.
  • Day gloves are supposed to be worn outdoors only. They need to be taken off indoors.
  • Evening gloves can be worn  when you’re shaking hands.
  • Gloves must fit perfectly on the fingers. Replace them if they’re loose or have snags and frayed threads.

What type of gloves are your favourite? How do you pair them?

Love and hugs and See U soon.



Guantes, manoplas, mitones son un accesorio útil que permite que nuestras manos estén calientes en invierno pero que puede elevar cualquier look. Ya sean de piel, seda, ante, raso o lana dan siempre un toque muy chic. Y tienen su etiqueta especial. Si son de calle deberán quitarse al entrar a un interior y si son de ceremonia, no se usarán para comer. Al saludar se podrán llevar salvo que el besamanos sea con un jefe de estado y no está admitido socialmente el hecho de llevar relojes y anillos sobre guantes. Sin embargo, si se pueden llevar pulseras y brazaletes sobre los guantes.

En fin que tienen su aquel y aquí simplemente hemos hecho un pequeño resumen. A mí que tengo las manos frías y quizá el corazón caliente me resultan prácticos, bonitos y me permiten jugar con texturas, colores y formas en invierno si bien me abono a ellos de octubre a abril.

¿Os gustan los guantes? ¿Qué tipo de guantes son vuestros preferidos? Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.


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