You all know my passion for wicker and raffia bags. And it is growing year after year with classic or new designs. I love the texture they add to an outfit as well as the useful they are. Big bags have become my shopping bags and a unique way to recycle as my waste of plastic bags has been reduced.


On the other hand, smaller bags and clutches are ideal when you only need to carry your essentials.

I admit the basket bag mania was trendy the last two summers with Prada and Loewe designs owned by most influencers. However, I am a firm advocate of the use of traditional woven bags with classic shapes that maybe are not as fashionable as other designs. You can find affordable designs at Amazon and Etsy as well as local shops.


Woven bags  look pair well with boho and rustic styles but also they complement all type of dresses and even they make a cute contrast when worn with suits and more formal outfits. Are you fond of woven bags? How do you pair them?

Peace and passion.

cestita1IMG_8361topos 2IMG_8308

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