topos 2fallpre6Recent researches by the Royal Society for Public Health in UK report that Instagram and Snapchat have contributed to undermine women´s self -steem. The huge display  of beautiful bodies laying in the sun or swimming in paradisiac waters is directly proportional to the photoshop effects used in transforming real bodies into perfect bodies. In the opposite side of the spectrum we have the Body Positivity Movement urging women to show their real bodies no matter their shape or size. Now being fat becomes popular and plus size models and actresses defend the right of showing your body naturally and wear whatever you feel like.


Both movements are the two sides of the same coin and both are obviously connected with social media.


The first time I heard about Revelist I was intrigued, and I used to read many of its articles. However, in some occasions the idea of being fat was considered in a very optimistic way.


Two opposites and nothing in between? Well, I have my own idea on what Body Positivity means to me. I think I should be proud  of my body as it is my home, but I cannot wear whatever is offered by Plus size brands which have flourished to cater a new niche: FAT WOMEN.


In fact, I think English has not a distinction in the verb to be as Spanish has. We have two verbs ESTAR and SER, meaning different things and we estamos Fat instead of we Somos fat. So, what is the difference? In my option, being fat is a condition but it is nothing permanent as we can change it. Then nobody could be defined as fat and when society classifies people according to their size is making boxes that limit people in their expectations and possibilities. 

For sure, I am obese, fat, chubby or whatever you want to call me because my weight is higher than other people’s. However, I can do things or feel fine in my skin without constantly being remembered how fat am I.


Body Positivity has opened doors for plus size women but also it has introduced the idea that nothing matters, all clothes are for all sizes and believe me or not that is not true.

Accepting your body is important but recognizing there are things that do not fit your figure it is as important as self-steem and good acceptance of your body and it is better not to wear those garments that are unflattering to your body shape or size.


Being a mature and confident woman makes me quite critic with the idea of wearing all what you feel like or for participating in clubs only for plus size women. I like the new options we have in fashion: cuter designs, more brands to shop, a more open approach to what being fat means … This is positive but there are negative ideas behind the Body Positive movement.



For me body positivity means being comfortable with what and whoever you wanna be.

What do you think about Body Positivity? Has Body Positive movement had a positive impact in the plus size community?


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