One of my favorite style rules is keeping the balanced proportions. This rule consists of mixing flowy tops with fitted bottoms or pairing fitted tops with looser bottoms.  And this is what we have done here. My fit and flare coat by ModCloth is paired with the leggings making and excellent combination to go to school  and ballerinas. 


The fit and flare coat skims my stomach and the use of monochrome color (navy) from head to toe elongates my figure. However, it is not as flattering as it could have been because I added a big straw basket I painted in dark blue – almost grey. But I need to take lots of exams with me so I was a need and sometimes we have to sacrifise coquetry to practicality. 


As you can imagine this is one of my looks from the 10 x 10 challenge. I will not make a single post for each of them. Instead my next post will be a summary of the different looks I have created.

Have you started your 10×10 challenge? What has been your experience like?

Have fun and take care. 


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