Today´s post is about one of the combinations from my 10 x 10 challenge. It is based on a knew length dress in woven fabric wih a round neckline and yoke with a pleat at the back. However what stands out of the dress are the balloon sleeves with narrow cuffs ending with a lace. To cinch my waist I used a navy leather belt 


I paired the dress with a dark blue jacket with big pockets in a similar shade of blue. This jacket is really vesatile as you can dress it down easily. I always wear it with my menina pin – in this case in a blue shade very similar to the ones in the dress.


To finish the outfit small earrings in two shades of blue, a printed scarf which matches well with the print in the dress. I am not very used to mix prints but I have realized it is fun, so I put into practice as much as I dare. The navy ballerinas and a Birkin basket complete the look.


As you know I love straw baskets and this Birkin basket is an adition to my collection. I love the coantrast between the little flowers and the navy ensemble with the neutral shade of the straw.

I promise to review my recent acquisitions in another post once the spring 2019 collection of baskets will be completed.


Do you like mixing patterns? Which ones do you love mixing? Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.

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