This month is all about bags and I think it could be fun to make a hit parade on the four types of handbags you need to have in your wardrobe. The position in the rank is based on my personal preferences and taking into consideration their usefulness firstly.  Here you have my selection.


It is my favorite bag: oversized, classic and perfect for your daily life. It could contain all your life essentials. In my opinion it is a life saver as a teacher because it takes my books, tablet or computer, exams as well as my bottled water, my make up bag… I live for a good tote bag.


Mini crossbodies have been the top of the top handbags in the past seasons, and even this season with the fanny packs.  However, they are a classic and a basic as they are useful and let you handsfree. A crossbody can elevate your basic outfits as well as it can dress down a very formal look. Their small size covers your essential – lip stick, purse or wallet, driving license and keys- allowing you to carry bags or to chase your children in the park. For a night out are another option when dancing in the club.


This type of handbag is a symbol of femininity and elegance. It is timeless and a classic piece to invest in. In my opinion is the quintessential lady bag.


Beaded, in a neutral shade or with metallic shine, clutches are essential in your night and social event outfits as they incorporate instant glamour to your special occasion wear.

Which one is your favorite?

Have a nice day. Blessings and hugs.

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