How to be Attractive and Fat


IMG_20160515_162909The other day at school we held a conference on eating disorders and suddenly all eyes were on me.  I was asked by the lecturers how I felt about being overweighed – a euphemism for not calling me fat although I am fat.

I told them I felt fine, I accept myself even though for health reasons I should start a diet and exercise more. I admitted I was – and even I still am- a compulsive eater when I am under pressure and I know for sure what is my problem and talk about my experience on being fat.

This made me recap my journey on accepting myself and being comfortable in my skin.

On the other hand, I suggested the lecturers to finish their chats with the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Here you have my steps to find my style and feeling wonderful in my skin.

1- Stop hating your body


Yes, you must understand that you live in this body and you can change things but, in the meantime, try to balance things considering that maybe you are fat, but you have assets: nice hair, wonderful eyes, magnetic curves, incredible legs and focus your attention on these instead of blaming yourself for being obese.

Once you realize what are your assets put attention to them and try to figure how to highlight them,


2- Eat healthy

Resultado de imagen de comida saludable

There is a close relationship between food and being fat. So, if you are proud of your weight try to eat healthy and have a balanced diet. If you decide it is time to start a diet, look for a good nutritionist and be focused on losing weight.

 Resultado de imagen de comida saludable

3- Burst your confidence

Feel fine, define your style, consider that you are attractive and forget about your insecurities. Leave your comfort zone and explore new things, sports, style, have an image consulting session to define your own personal aesthetic, feel positive about yourself by considering you are healthy and you cannot miss opportunities around you just because you are chubby. Forget about insecurities and show your best side.



 4- Love yourself

Once you accept yourself as you are, then it is time to love yourself, have positive thoughts about who you are and how you feel about your physical appearance and what is most important love yourself. You cannot be happy and beautiful if you do not love yourself. Self-esteem and fighting about your insecurities is the base of being confident and at peace with yourself.



 5 Empower yourself

With a new perspective “you are attractive and fat” you can face the fact that your positive assets are worthier than your body type so try to look for general empowerment in all parts of your life. Go out, have fun, look for a promotion, date…

IMG-20170717-WA0000 (3)


6- You are beautiful

Think that everybody is beautiful and whether you are skinny or curvy, short or tall, light or dark skinned, fat or thin, you are beautiful, and nobody can tell you the contrary. Maybe they have other preferences but for sure and no matter what people say, EVERBODY is BEAUTIFUL


7 Combat fat phobia

If you are in the position of discuss that being fat is not a crime, help other women and try to focus that beauty lies on real women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, so fat phobia has no place in our society.


As a teacher, blogger and personal image consultant that is my day to day issue and now, after a long journey, I can say I am proud of myself.

What about you?

Have fun. Blessings and love.






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