Suitable dress is something that changes through time and nowadays it is more fluid than it used to be before. The concept of business casual has become fashionable and in terms of public schools can mean very different things. Obviously low cut skirts, torn or distressed jeans and see-through clothing are not acceptable but also tight fitting clothing were debated recently.



It sounds quite difficult to set a standard especially if we talk about jeans and see-through clothes. In USA you know jeans are not welcome so implementing a dress code based on that idea could be easier than here in Spain. We are allowed to wear jeans at school and my younger co-workers abuse on them while I wear them from time to time.



However, what amazes me is that if you wear mainly dresses and skirts you are told you dress up so it sounds difficult to reach the right standard. So far I do not give a damn these comments because my style is quite formal but what gets on my nerves – sorry for being so colloquial – is that for those who wear jeans there are not objections. Then what should I wear to school? 

My option so far is to alternate formal with casual looks without abusing on jeans. And even though I could be critized, I will defend the idea of wearing what flatters your figure, what suits your style and what you makes you feel comfortable accepting certain restrictions and without minding what the others think about the way you dress. 




With this said here you have some of my latest school outfits. Hope you like them and please let me know how you dress for work.

Have a nice day and blessings.


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