Every season I like to refresh my wardrobe with a flamboyant coat. And this is my choice for the season. It is something classical but with a modern twist. This piece is from one of my favourite Spanish designers, Adolfo Dominguez.  I have some pieces from the brand but none like this. It is delicate and timeless but it also can be dressed down.  

In fact what I am wearing is an elegant frock coat with an original perforated floral pattern. It is linen in white so the contrast is granted.  It has a crew neck, three quarter sleeves and fastens with snap buttons. There is a matching  sleeveless dress to complete the set but I decided not to buy it as everything together is too much perforation. However, for a weding or a festive event it could have been a winner option. Instead I just  wear a  navy blue dress.


Today I opted for a casual option by pairing it with a Salvador Bachiller´s crossbody bag made of raffia and cow skin in the same tones as the coat. I associate this bag with the freshness of the summer but it is a very cute option for an early spring warm day. With a rigid base and a square shape with roll-up door and Interior Department. I wear nude ballerina flats as well as blue ring and earrings. To complete the look my aviators.

How do you refresh your closet? What are your spring favourite pieces? Have fun and See U soon.


Como todas las temporadas me gusta refrescar  mi guardarropa con abrigos originales. Es una de mis prendas favoritas y me estiliza más que las chaquetas así que siempre procuro añadir uno o dos a la colección según sea el presupuesto. Y esta vez hemos tirado a lo grande con un abrigo de diseño perforado en azul marino con forro en blanco de Adolfo Dominguez + . Se trata de una pieza elegante y versatil que se puede llevar arreglada o informal dependiendo de los complementos. Aquí hemos optado por acompañarlo de un bolsito de rafia y piel azul marino de Salvador Bachiller, unas manoletinas color crema así como anillo y pendientes de lapislázuli. Como hacía mucho sol me puse mis gafitas de aviador de marca desconocida ya que fueron las primeras que encontré.

¿Qué prendas utilizáis para refrescar vuestro armario? ¿Que habéis añadido a vuestro armario de primavera? Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.


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