Today´s post is about asymmetrical bob hairstyles. Yes, that is how my hairstyle is known. I used to wear it in my early twenties but later I just chopped my hair and from then I wore different short hairstyles which did not satisfy my expectations but matched well with my wavy unruly hair without out using lots of heat or spending lots of time styling it. It was three years ago when cleaning up I saw some old pictures when I decided to retake it again

So, if didn’t wear asymmetrical bob hairstyle – it’s time now! Just choose one you like and visit your hairdresser with the photo. However, you must know certain things about short asymmetrical hairstyles before making your decision:

  • If you have curly hair you should buy a styler and use it after every washing. Don’t forget to care about your hair and use protection for hot treatment. If you do not want to spend ages in styling your hair ask you hairstylist to show you how to style it with your fingers and styling products
  • In case your hair is straight hair you’ll have to give it some volume in a hairdo.
  • Most bob hairstyles must look shiny and carefully made so don’t forget about professional hairdressers. The perfect hairdresser has high qualification and improves his or her mastery incessantly, so your hairstyle will be adapted to your needs and features. All new trendy hairstyles have their unique features that make them really fashion and well-suiting to you.
  • To maintain the shape you should visit your beauty salon every four to five weeks to reshape your hairstyle
  • The most important thing before you make asymmetrical bob hairstyle is definition of advantages of your face features and accentuate them with your new hair.



To make the story short we can conclude that A-line and asymmetrical haircuts are really attractive for short hairstyles. An A-line bob creates volume in the back but comes down in a sharp angle to below the chin. An asymmetrical hairstyle creates texture, distracting from the weight in the face. Some pieces should be shorter than the chin and some longer to elongate the face.

And apart from being easy to and comfortable to manage as my hair is wavy so in summer you can wash it and go and later just styling it with your fingers and a bit of wax, mousse or gel to emphasize volume and define, it looks different and makes you look younger than your age. Besides it complements my round face elongating it!

What hairstyle suits your face better? Have you ever dared to chop your long hair? 

Love and hugs.


Hoy traigo un post diferente, va de cortes asimétricos. Si hace cuatro años harta de llevar el pelo corto decidí cambiar de estilo. Si la inspiración me vino al ver fotos antiguas de cuando estudiaba en la universidad en las que llevaba el pelo corto pero con un estilo innovador, el corte asimétrico. Ya sé que no es una novedad pero había quedado adormecido en mi memoria. Y al verlo decidí que había que cambiar. Y manos a la obra. No me he arrepentido del cambio porque es un estilo que me favorece al tener la cara redonda el hecho de llevar un lado más largo hace que ópticamente aumente la longitud del rostro. Además es comodísimo pues mi pelo rizado se adapta bien a una versión ondulada del mismo o lisa con trabajo de secador y plancha. Claro que todos los días una no tiene tiempo de alisar así que secado al natural queda muy bien y es muy cómodo. Desde que me corté el pelo siempre me felicitan por el corte y me dicen que parezco bastante más joven de mi edad, con lo que una está doblemente contenta. ¿Os habéis atrevido con un corte moderno alguna vez? ¿Qué corte de pelo creéis que os favorece más?
Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.

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