Today´s proposal is based on 4 jackets that are on trend and suit plus sized woman. I know maybe I had to write this post at the beginning of the fall but now that season is almost over I did not want to postpone it any more. 

These jackets have been the trendiest during the fall and let´s see who they are: blazers, denim jackets,  floral bomber jackets and bikers or leather jackets.


The first type are blazers which are a classic piece in every woman´s wardrobe.  Blazers polish a causal outift and they are a basic and versatile piece in our working attires. I like long blazers or short ones. The first type as they could be mistaken as short coat and elongate my figure. The second type as they give the illusion of a thinner waistline. My favourites this season are long velvet blazers and long black blazers with a round neck.

2014-11-23-16-58-51IMG_8046IMG_6066IMG_8039 - copia

The second classic type is the denim jacket which also can be versatile, comfortable and chic. You can dress it down paired with sneakers and distressed jeans or upgrading it with a dress. this timeless piece also can be worn in winter if you find one linen and with a faux fur collar. I usually wear in winter with a dress or jeans as a second layer.




The leather jacket is a wardrobe staple. You can wear it almost all year round and they add an extra punch to your outfits. Besides, leather jackets offer lots of possible matches. I prefer to wear them unzipped and they can be bikers or simply leather jackets always in black and without studs or other ornaments as I think they are more versatile but in my wish list there are two new additions a red and a blush pink one.


Last but not least, we have the floral bomber jackets. They are comfortable and give a girly touch to casual looks.  Maybe it is not the most popular type of jacket but they are really versatile. You can pair them with jeans and cute sneakers or simply with a little black dress, In any case floral bomber jackets are an unexpected addition to revitalize your wardrobe.


Which type of jacket is your favourite? Do you use blazers and denim jackets as layering pieces?

Have a nice day.  See U in the next one.


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