Pink is one of the colors of the season but it has been here for a while. Last year in form of Rose Quartz and this season known as Pale Dogwood and next fall and winter will be in form of Ballet Slipper and Primrose Pink so it is convenient to know how to use pink shades in accesories.


The first way to incorporate pink in accessories is to grab a good pair of pink shoes. This is a way of refresh a neutral monochrome outfit. Black in wintertime, grey or navy in springtime or white in summer. I recommend high heels for a night out look or flats for a more casual look. If you are wearing an all pink outfit try to go for a pair of shoes in a different shade of pink.

IMG_6321img_6028Another way to incorporate pink is adding a scarf or a hat. I am not a hat person so I always suggest to wear scarves. This is a simple way to spice up your outfit.  If you have long hair you also can add a pink or rose headband or a pin instead of a hat. Instantly,  you will get a girly look.

Another option is to wear a pink handbag to revive neutral outfits (a white dress, a plain denim outfit). For more elegant styles, use neutral pinks or pale shades. If you prefer a an edgy look, then it is better a bold bright pink handbag.  


However, the best way wear pink accessories is through jewelry and rose quartz is a wonderful stone as well as ruby for darker shades. Pink gemstones add light to your face.


Other tips to wear small dosis of pink shades are playing with make up. Lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes can tone your looks simply adding a pop of color or an elegant touch depending on the shade chosen. In general, soft pastel pinks are appropiate for profesional events and hot pinks are better for more festive events.

vestidosweet4img_20160917_180508As you can see it is very easy and functional to wear pink accessories. In general, we can say that small touches of soft pinks will feminize and soften corporate and conservative looks. Sometimes pastel pinks can brighten dark tones such as charcoal grey, navy blue or even black.

How do you use pink accessories? What are your favourite? Have a nice day . Love and peace.


Muchas veces mis amigas me dicen que el color rosa es un color infantil y que no es apto para todas las circunstancias. Sin embargo, siempre les llevo la contraria. Hay que incorporar el rosa en nuestro armario y si no nos atrevemos con un total look, pues se dosifica a través de los complementos. Sí pero no todos a la vez.

2015-07-19-14-51-03img_6318¿Cómo lo introduzco? Pues a través de zapatos para dar un aire fresco a conjuntos monocromáticos; a través de pañuelos y fulares como un modo de dar vida a un vestido neutro o un poco de color a unos vaqueros; si os gustan los sombreros y las gorras es otro modo de añadirlo pero, en mi caso nunca los uso, así que lo dejo simplemente como una opción; con un bolso o cartera siempre es fácil acertar; las que tenéis el pelo largo podéis usar diademas, flores o clips en el pelo y, por último, el modo más fácil es incorporar el rosa a través de las joyitas que llevemos (pendientes, anillos o collares) El rosa aporta luz al rostro y nos da un aspecto juvenil, elementos a considerar para poner un poco de rosa en nuestro vestuario.


¿Os gustan los accesorios rosas? ¿Cómo los introduciréis en vuestro día a día?

Besos infinitos y hasta la próxima.




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