Spring is about to start and all the store windows showcase the new trends and colors. Two months ago I did a review of spring 2017 pantone and then I gave my opinions on the new color trends. My favourite ones were Pale Dogwood and Pink Yarrow.

Pale Dogwood could be described as soft pink related to healthy glow and clarity. The softness of the color matches with red (Flame in this season´s pantone)  and black. A total look in this shade results girly and romantic.

A  more vibrant and joyful pink could be the best description for Pink Yarrow. It reflects the intensity of the roses in blossom infusing a cute feminine touch to our looks.

Once colors are describe now how to wear them. Designers suggest to use Pink Yarrow, a kind of fuchsia to make the story short, with bright colors such as purples, greens or reds. Well it is a possibility but when been a plus size girl who loves pink I prefer a total pink ensemble as you can see in this pictures.

443d7-2014-07-0614-37-572015-07-04 19.15.54

2015-07-04 19.23.52

However, if you do not dare to wear an entire outfit in this color just use it to infuse a pop of color to your neutrals.



The same thing could be applied to the soft pink.

Are you fond of pink shades? Which one is your favourite?

Have fun. Love and hugs.


2015-07-12 18.07.50


Con la primavera a punto de estallar, los escaparates dejan las rebajas para centrarse en la nueva temporada. Aquí destacan los colores vibrantes que ya describí en otro post. Aquí nos ceñimos a un suscinto manual de uso de los tonos rosa fuerte o empolavado que harán furor en los próximos meses. En el argot de Pantone son el Pink Yarrow y el Pale Dogwood. Los diseñadores nos hablan de vibrantes combinaciones que para mi gusto son muy extremas asi que opto como podéis ver por el total look del color. Y para aquellas que no se atrevan es un buen modo de aportar una chispa de color a los tonos neutros. Os dejo algunas combinaciones que han aparecido en el blog para en cuanto el tiempo caliente un poco mostrar nuevas prendas en estos tonos que iré incorporando a mi armario. 

¿Os gusta el rosa? ¿Qué tonalidad es vuestra favorita?

Hasta la próxima, besos infinitos.


2015-08-02 20.49.30






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