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When studying Psychology, we were told that yellow is associated with optimism and good vibes I thought I could be possible but in my case I will completely disagree as I do not like yellow at all. The reason is still unknown but I always connect yellow with bad luck.

In terms of fashion it is not my favorite but this season yellow is a must – have so I decided to include bits of this shade to spice my wardrobe. Obviously a monochrome yellow outfit could be a possibility but not my choice for sure.


Instead, just to try, I suggest to add bits of yellow to pop up dull outfits. How to incorporate yellow to your wardrobe? It could be yellow and nude shoes or sandals, simply adding a yellow belt in an all-black or white outfit, perhaps a yellow skirt or t-shirt. Other option is to have yellow in floral prints or other kind of designs. It is easy to combine and will give you the vibe without overpowering too much.

fotocarnet - copia

A yellow top can be easily mixed up with other neutrals. I love with blue or with grey.  Other fabulous combinations could be with white or black skinny jeans.

Another way to wear yellow in a modest way could be a striped T- shirt. A yellow tank top with a black blazer is another chic option.


For those who are not afraid of yellow, your choice could be a coat which in winter with a monochrome outfit in black will add a sunshine vibe to the cold winter days. Oh yes, winter is over so a summer light coat or trench is an option.  And that is what I have in mind as you can see from the pictures

DSC_0629 (4)

And finally, use yellow to accessorize with a yellow bag, scarf, necklace or cocktail ring. This is by far the easiest way to add yellow to your looks getting its benefits and escaping from its cons (makes you look wider, by itself is too vibrant…)


2015-08-02-21-18-44 (1)

El color amarillo se asocia con mal fario. Bueno eso es lo que se dice pero este año está de moda. A mi no me apasiona pero con el afán de probar cosas nuevas lo adoptaré en pequeñas dosis. Modos de incorporarlo pues hay varias: estampados, con accesorios a pequeñas dosis, con una prenda ya sea top, falda o pantalón y las atrevidas con un abrigo o vestido. Una tiene una top chulo que combina siempre con gris o azul clarito, un bolsito, un collar con pizcas amarillas, un anillo búho que llevo poco pero me encanta, algún vestido que lo lleva en el estampado, y dos abriguitos de verano que pronto aparecerán en looks primaverales que lo llevan en el estampado. Creo que bastante para ser uno de los colores que menos me gustan pero a pequeñas dosis es llevadero, ¿Verdad?


2015-08-02-21-20-16DSC_0628 (3)


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